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We are Illinois Chapter 17 of Muskies Inc., located in Northern Illinois. Our membership is not limited to, but includes families from 4 connecting counties: DeKalb, Kane, Kendall, and LaSalle (creating the "Quad County" name). We also have members from the U.P., Wisconsin, Georgia, and other parts of Illinois.  


Come Visit Us!

Members and the Public are welcome to come to one of our Regular Meetings, held the second Thursday of each month, at the Plano American Legion in Plano, IL.  We often have featured speakers who come to share their knowledge and experience on Illinois Lakes and Fishing.


Mission Statement:

We are the Quad County Hawg Hunters Chapter 17 of Muskies Inc. dedicated to advancing
conservation through youth outreach, improving fisheries, and promoting scientific research.


We exist to further the purposes of Muskies, Inc. which are to:
 Support selected conservation practices based on scientific merit as carried out by
authorized Federal and state agencies;
 Promote muskellunge research, establishment of hatcheries and introduction of the
species into suitable waters;
 Support the abatement of water pollution;
 Provide a library facility for scientific and popular muskellunge literature, and to
maintain records of habits, growth and range of the species; and

 Disseminate muskellunge information and, as an insubstantial part of our activities,
 Promote a high-quality muskellunge sport fishery.


Our activities include, but are not limited to, stocking muskies in Illinois lakes, sharing muskie
information freely, adhering to timely submission of individual muskie catches through creel
surveys, supplying equipment to the State such as pit tags, predator nets, barrier nets, etc.,
sponsoring a kids fishing day and other youth activities, performing muskie rescues at Lake
Shabbona, and working with the DNR to support area lakes.
We are committed to the abatement of water pollution, maintenance of records for muskies'
habits, growth and range, and the dissemination of muskie information to everyone.

© 2022 Quad County Hawg Hunters, Chapter 17 Muskies, INC

Quad County Hawg Hunters

Northern Illinois Counties:  DeKalb • Kane • Kendall • LaSalle

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